Every family building journey is complex. If you are considering fertility treatment or adoption, counseling can help. Counseling offers a safe place for you to express your emotions, explore your options, and plan your next steps.

Counseling can provide practical support from the start of your family building journey. If you think it might be time to see a reproductive endocrinologist, counseling can help you find the doctors best suited for you. For those looking to adopt, counseling can help you find adoption professionals and agencies and navigate the process.

Whether you are pursuing fertility treatment or adoption, counseling can help you cope with the emotional issues that arise. When you begin your first IVF cycle, you can have the skills to handle the waiting time before finding out if you’re pregnant. If you’re trying to adopt and have met the prospective birthmother, counseling can help you develop a relationship.

And whether you bring your baby home through fertility treatment or adoption, counseling can help you develop ways to tell your child the story of their beginning.

For those who during their family building journey consider the child-free option, a new kind of life without children—not to be confused with “remaining childless”—counseling can help give closure to your family building journey.

Good counseling also helps you build your support network outside of counseling. Then, no matter what happens on your road to family, there is always someone to turn to.


- Egg Donor Evaluations

- Consultations With Donor Egg and Donor Sperm Recipients

- Compassionate Surrogacy Evaluations

- Egg Freezing

- Coping With Miscarriage

- Overview of All Adoption Options

- Becoming a Foster Parent

Counseling Can Make All the Difference

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