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“Carolyn’s sensitivity, knowledge, and unwavering support have helped us become what
we are at last—Julia’s parents. We cannot thank her enough.”
Michael and Sarah

“I feel fortunate to have had Carolyn Berger help me through some challenging fertility procedures. She provided professional guidance and helped me reduce the stress I was experiencing. She is well-informed and supportive. I felt reassured and safe in her hands through the whole process.”

“Carolyn Berger, LCSW, is a fertility counselor uniquely qualified to assist patients dealing with the challenges and stresses of fertility treatment. A compassionate professional with a wealth of personal and professional experience, Carolyn is eminently qualified to assist patients whether they are pursuing assisted reproductive technology
(ART) or considering adoption.”
Joel Batzofin, MD, FACOG
Medical Director
NY Fertility Services

“I have known Carolyn for over 25 years, both as an adoption professional and adoptive parent. It is always a pleasure to refer folks to Carolyn as I know she will provide them with the highest quality care. As a clinician Carolyn is kind, intuitive, a good listener and passionate about her work.”
Dawn Smith-Pliner
Friends In Adoption
Founder & Director
Post-Adoption Services